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Motivating Teams to Produce Results
"Theresa is one of those rare individuals who is so dedicated and involved in whatever she endeavors that all associated with her feel compelled to do the same. She gets results wherever and with whomever she works!"
  Jerry Donahue, President, Boulder Technology Incubator
Leadership and Project Management
"Theresa is one-of-a-kind. She provides a drive and focus on every project and activity she touches. She does not allow failure. She does not allow fuzzy vision as to the next steps or desired end point. At the same time, she is flexible and creative. She is a light and leader in our world of technology and entrepreneurism."
  Bill Phillips, Vice President, Storage Technology Corporation
Never Giving Up
"Theresa Szczurek is a role model in living true to our organization's core value. She always strives for excellence, asks difficult questions, and persists until the proper results are delivered. She's being presented with the Never Ever Give Up Award from Gazelles International."
  Keith Cupp, President, Gazelles International
Marketing Strategy and Planning
"Theresa is excellent in evaluating your needs, clearly defining the essentials, and outlining a clear, concise plan of attack. She has helped JMA develop an effective marketing strategy and implementation plan."
  Linda Jacobson, President, Jacobson, Myers and Associates Inc.
Successful Entrepreneurial Business Experience
"Radish would simply not exist today if Theresa had not been there. From the founding of Radish, Theresa managed all activities of the company other than product development. It is unlikely that anyone else could have done what Theresa did. It is a classic entrepreneurial story where one personís determination made all the difference."
  David Klein, CEO, Radish Communications Systems, Inc.