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Boulder County Business Report - December 23, 2009
How do you deal with this economy? Find the next big thing, tune into the back-channel, and create a world wide rave. It's about leveraging social media.

ColoradoBiz - September 29, 2009
You know you need a plan, right? It's proven that people and organizations with a plan outperform those without one. So where’s your plan?

ColoradoBiz - September 20, 2009
MESA is helping Colorado build a high-tech workforce. Colorado MESA is a state-wide, pre-college program that provides after school math and science-based learning activities to over 3,600 pre-K-12 students. How can you get involved?

ColoradoBiz - August 31, 2009
Are you an Energizer Bunny? Do you march to the beat of your drum with passion and purpose? People who successfully pursue their purpose have tremendous energy, and they focus it to produce worthwhile results.

ColoradoBiz - August 19, 2009
Most of you, unfortunately, have an intimate understanding of the "project from hell." How do you turn around a project like this? Say No to certain projects, No to working with incompetent players, and say Yes to important project management processes.
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Never Ever Give Up - November 17, 2009
Theresa wins the 'Never Ever Give Up' Award from Gazelles International at its recent coaches summit in Dallas. Keith Cupp, President of Gazelles International, explains, "This award is given to the Gazelles coaching associate who is a role model in living true to our organization's core value. Theresa Szczurek always strives for excellence, asks difficult questions, and persists until the proper results are delivered."

Rare Space - June 24, 2009
Technology and Management Solutions recently helped Rare Space, a tenant advisory services firm, devise a process and plan for winning more business and putting in place the tools for even greater success.

Sales Force Development - April 3, 2009
Technology and Management Solutions is now helping a number of companies build their sales strength and increase sales revenues. These new services are based on the powerful sales force development tools created by the Objective Management Group Inc.

Windward User Forum - December 17, 2008
Technology and Management Solutions helps Windward Reports launch an advisory group and user forum. It's all about building passionate customers.

Online Group Coaching - October 20, 2008
Theresa launches a new online coaching program for organizations and individuals. What's your plan for overcoming challenging times?